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The conventional heat insulator has a drawback that disassembly and remounting work had to be done if overhaul and maintenance of the insulated instrument was conducted after insulator-mounting, THERMO MAT, an economical energy-saving and resources-saving type heat insulator, was invented by integrating the insulator and jacket to enable them to be easily mounted, disassembled and remounted.
Low price, the first priority :
THERMO MAT is designed to be available at a low price,
the standard E(economical) type product is only a little
higher in price than the conventional color tin plate

Characteristics of THERMO MAT

①All-weather type:

Being different from the conventional heat insulator, made of asbestos mat, THERMO MAT has a substrate made of siliconecoated glasscloth,characterized by an all-weather type insulator with water , heat , oil and chemical resis-tances.

②Freely mountable and dismountable:

Bing fixed using snap hook, button and adhesive tape etc. with specific devices according to the individual applications, THERMO MAT can be mounted and dis-mounted easily by everyone with no special skillfulness.


and economical

Appearance of THERMO MAT is colored with silicone of light gray or silver. Since a dust-free atmosphere can be maintained on the occason of mounting and dismounting, THERMO MAT is the most suitable insulator for the precision instrument plant,food plant and hospital where environmental preservation should be strictly kept.
THERMO MAT is an economical insulator because it is repeatedly usable having a low dissipation of energy.

④A custom made product is available.

Products in compliance with all purposes,not only for the flange and valve uses but also for the measuring instru-ment,flexible pipe and pump device uses,are provided.

*As for the valve use, besides the standard type,the muffler type
is arranged to delux specifications. For outdoor use, a handle cover
is mountable on the valve.


Glasscloth substrate without treatment・・・safety working temperature 550℃

Silicone coating glasscloth・・・・・・・・・・・・・safety working tempereture

E type 180℃

S type 200℃

Ti/Ca coating glasscloth・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・safety working tempereture350℃

(for acid resistance & alkali resistance)

Silica glassoloth・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・safety working temperature 800℃

All products pass the accident prevention test and there is a large range.

As filled material, glass wool JIS-2 24㎏/to 32㎏/ (λ=0.029+0.00018θ)for
low temperature use up to about 250℃ (E type and S type),rock wool,long glass-yarn
pincushion mat, and ceramic fiber for high tem-perature use are applied. Fitting metal
made of brass (Cr-plating) and fitting string made of glassfiber are used.

Grade of THERMO MAT for flange & globe valve use:

A. Standard type

1. E-typeinner temperature up to 180℃ for indoor use

2. S-typeinner temperature up to 200℃ for indoor and outdoor use
(with weatherability)

3. K-typeinner temperature up to 300℃ for indoor and outdoor use
(with weatherability)

B. Muffler type

.Muffler and handle cap are added to the standard type product

Oder-made products are used for reducing valve, three-way valve,
angle valve, gate valve, flowmeter, electromagnetic valve, strainer
and control valve etc.

Though it appears negligible,a considerable amount of heat is practically dissipated from the
flange and valve ,so for restraint of the heat dissipation from the parts it is essential to design
the plant as follows:
Table: saving of heat dissipation when THEMO MAT is used
7,200hrs/year;putting 100 when THERMO MAT is not used.
Price of consumed energy is put as \7/1,000 kcal
The heat consumption calculation data of THERMO MAT
are available upon your request.
Requests for on-site measurement
Standard type products can be made for globe valve and flange. THERMO MAT for other valves and equipment
is custom-made. Dimensional drawings or on-site diagrams of pipe slitting are wiring are always necessary.
(Assingnment of muffler type or handle cap is recommended. On-site measurement will be conducted by us.)
! Attention:
Our company dose not answer any questions and inquiries in English about this homepage, Please ask in Japanese



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